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Family roots - the origin of our family

The origin of our family " Engelkes " is East Frisia. And so far we know, all Engelkes world-wide have their roots in this beautiful region in the northern Lower Saxony (Germany)

"Ostfriesland" - for more information about this beautiful land: click here !!!

  Our branch of family are descendents from
Hinrich Engelkes (born.:16.12.1864; died 19.05.1926 in Leer/Ostfr.)
& Johanna Friederike
Engelkes, born as Schippers (born.: 02.08.1886 in Nesse/Ostfr., died. 19.02.1929).

Hinrich and Johanna had 8 children: Heinrich, Ella, Johann, Gerhard, Ulrich, Fritz, Karl and Gustaf.
At a family meeting 1994 in Roggenstede their descendant met.

Family meeting in Roggenstedt (Ostfriesland) in April 1994

But we are further on the search for our relatives.
We already know:


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Engelkes literature of the world

Theodor Fontane: Stechlin
"So war denn also das Programm festgestellt, und nachdem Dubslav mit Engelkes Hilfe seinen noch ziemlich neuen weißen Filzhut, den er sehr schonte, mit einem wotanartigen schwarzen Filzhut vertauscht und einen schweren Eichenstock in die Hand..."
(source: http://www.gutenberg.aol.de/fontane/stechlin/stech05a.htm)
(Theodor Fontane was a famous german poet)